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At Lalita, our commitment to the extraordinary and powerful extends to the members of our team. Learn more about the talented women behind the Lalita brand.


Founder and Designer, Rena Andrews

Lalita encapsulates the core of everything founder and designer Rena Andrews has pursued in her life, whether it be a hobby, a career, or a creative pursuit. 

Rena delved into creative expression early on in her life through ballet, jazz dance, and the piano. Growing up with camera in-hand inspired her to study photography in Paris while abroad at the Sorbonne. While attending the prestigious Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Rena volunteered as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence in the local court system. An entrepreneur for most of her life, she recognized the need to develop a way to inspire women of all ages through education, exploration, and creative expression—which lead to the creation of Lalita.Rena Andrews Lalita

Although a fashion connoisseur, designer Rena Andrews is self-taught in design and jewelry making.  This lack of formal instruction in design “rules” allows Rena a freedom to design, combine, and innovate. “With Lalita there are no rules—I simply put together pieces that I find interesting and complementary regardless of their original function.  I also like to play with the concept of transformation; many of our pieces can transform from day to evening looks by the swapping a strap, the addition or removal of a tassel, or reversing sides of a cuff.  I don’t feel any object should be defined by one function or look. It is the subtle differences that can alter how we feel or what we radiate.”


V.P of Operations, Lauren

No stranger to the creative world, Lauren Manzano was writing stories and organizing anyone she could coerce into all manner of fantastical plays as a child. While attending the University of California, Irvine, and Seoul National University, Lauren studied International Studies, Conflict Negotiation, and both the Korean and Arabic languages. Her studies paired with a rather unconventional combination of extracurricular activities, competitive fighting and Middle Eastern dance, lead her to spending much of her college and post-college time over three continents.

Experiencing the cultures of many different parts of the globe allowed Lauren to reach out to women with different perspectives and learn their stories. Many of them shared a similar thread: the desire to express themselves authentically without judgement. She was drawn to Lalita and Rena for the passion in creating that avenue to empower women (and men) of all ages to explore, create, and inspire.