Basic Bamboo Mask


We want to help keep you covered and of course, stylish. Our high quality handmade mask elevates you beyond basic with its lush fabric and feel and keeps its simple without any embellishments.

3 Layers of protection

Inner and Outer Layers made from our custom Bamboo Jersey fabric.  Bamboo has innate wicking, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties.  Our heavy weight fabric adds an extra layer of protection and the luscious softness of the fabric keeps you comfy.

Interior layer of 100% Cotton

  • One of top fabrics recommended for home made masks to due to its filtering capabilities.
  • Woven Fabric does not stretch so it also prevents the Bamboo Jersey from stretching. 

Mask stays opaque when held up to the light - a good thing - light not passing through so neither are larger particles.

Sizing: This small was formally our medium.  We extended each size 1/2" per ear loop due to feedback on a snug fit.  Small fits face 6 1/2" from tip of nose to back of ears.  If in doubt, go larger.  Men's and Women's are identical with exception to size of earloops.

DISCLAIMER: We are not selling masks as a medical device or substitute for N95 masks which are all desperately needed for hospital workers.  Our masks help keep you even safer while you social distance and need to be out in the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice fabric and breathable but could use improvement.

Comfortable but feels a bit short in covering the mouth and nose. It’s slips during wear and falls to the top of my nose, leaving me a bit insecure. Needs a bit more coverage and slightly looser ear straps.

Hi LF-

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I saw that you had ordered a small. As noted on the product page, due to feedback on the snug fit for that size, our medium became a small and we have made those improvements on subsequent productions in the larger sizes offered. This is new territory for all of us and we are doing our best to work with different face shapes and sizing so that our masks can be as comfortable an experience for as many people as possible. If you would like I can send you a return label and extend the loops for you on your current mask? Thank you again for your purchase and for your time in writing your review!

Best mask yet!!!

So by now, into day 969 of lockdown or something, I've tried quite a few mask and mask-like options, and I have to say Lalita's basic bamboo mask is BY FAR the best fitting I've come across. When I first got it I thought it didn't fit right, but I quickly figured out that that was because I was putting it on upside-down. Once I achieved the correct "mask orientation" I was blown away by the softness of the fabric against my skin, and also the softness of the straps that wrap around the ears! The rougher/tighter straps on my unicorn and mermaid masks (while yes super cute) rub the backs of my ears til they feel raw in a very short time. Also, the Lalita mask is nicely contoured to fit around the nose so that somehow I can wear it without steaming up my glasses, yet without making me feel claustrophobic. So that's awesome. Very happy to have finally found a comfortable yet still relatively-attractive face-covering situation (I mean, it's still a MASK, but Lalita's done amazing things within the constraints of the genre lol)

cristi fletcher
Awesome masks!

I have tried many masks in the past few weeks. I am so happy to have found these! They are soft and thick! A perfect fit so it does not go up in my eyes when I talk or smile. Not to mention that they are well made and washes well:) I would definitely recommend them!!

Liliana Vasquez

They were a little small, they fir my son great, I had to extend the ear loop. Other than that they are great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review, it is greatly appreciated. We are definitely taking the ear loop size into consideration for the next round of production and have already began testing slightly larger loops for both sizes and may add a third larger size. I'm also glad to hear you were also able to find a workaround so that you can still enjoy the mask.

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