Egyptian Amber Kashmir Oil

Chakra Oil:

Our 100% Pure Egyptian Amber Kashmir Oil comes direct from Cairo.  This premium extract is pure, natural and contains no chemical additions or carriers. 

This highest quality oil was prepared by a 5th Generation aromatherapist and sacred oil alchemist in Cairo, Egypt who has also advised and prepared extracts for many well known essential oil brands. 

The oil comes in a 5ml lightproof Ultraviolet glass which blocks all visible light rays in an airtight design to maximize the life of the oil.  The specially formulated ultraviolet glass provides unique protection against visible light wavelengths that accelerate the decay of your products. This ultraviolet glass allows in ultraviolet and infrared wavelength light which bathe your products in nourishing high energy light.

Amber, a resin which is admired for its sweet, powdery and warm scent, is often called “the tears of the sun” because of its fiery color that beams like the rays of stars. This oil is one of the purest forms of oil which is extracted from the resin of dead pine or other coniferous trees.  The sap from the coniferous trees hardens and becomes known as Amber.

Ancient Egyptians associated Amber Kashmir with the ‘throat of Thoth,’ an ancient Egyptian God considered to be the author of all human and divine knowledge as the master of the spiritual and material realms. Amber Kashmir is used to activate and balance the throat chakra which they connected with the thyroid gland and truthful, confident, and open communication.  It is rooted in self-confidence and standing behind ones words when we express ourselves.

Amber Kashmir is not widely available or known outside of Egypt.  It's scent is complex and could be described as relaxing with a touch of sweetness and spice.

Bottle Size: 5 Mil / 0.17 Fl oz (100-120 drops in a bottle)

Suggestions for Use:

BREATHE... Directly inhale some bliss.
SOAK... Use 5-10 drops in a hot bath and relax.
DIFFUSE... Use oil in a candle warmer or diffuser
DIRECT... Apply a drop to your chakras or pulse points on body (lower back, wrist, neck, etc.)
MASSAGE... Mix in a 9:1 ratio with your unscented, organic, massage oil or body lotion

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Warnings: Oils are not intended nor safe for consumption. Do not use undiluted on broken or irritated skin, in eyes or other highly sensitive areas. A skin patch test is recommended for those with sensitive skin. If Irritation occurs, discontinue use. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition seek advice before use. Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of the reach of children.

Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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