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Ixchel Ribbed Dress

Lalita Ixchel Bamboo Rib dress

Ixchel Ribbed Dress

Meet Ixchel.  Mock turtleneck dress with heavyweight bamboo rib fabric and intricate trim adorn adorning each side.  Perfect to pair with your favorite boots and stockings for the winter.

Available in Mini and Knee length.  Mini and knee length shown on 5'9" model along with Kali handbag.

Lalita Size US Size
xs 0 00-0
s 1 2-4
m 2 6-8
lg 3 10-12
1x 4 14-16
2x 5 18-20
3x 6 22-24
Custom C Custom

Care Instructions
Machine washable, inside out, on delicate cycle, in cold water. 
Lay flat to dry.

About Ixchel
Ixchel (pronounced Ishchel) was the Maya goddess of the moon, of love, of gestation, of medicine, and of the textile arts. Her name Ix Chel has been translated as “Lady Rainbow” or as “She of the Pale Face,” an allusion to the moon's surface.  She was the wife of the sun god Ak Kin, and was often represented accompanied by her totem, a rabbit; in hieroglyphics her name appears as Chak Chel, meaning “large rainbow”. In the “Chilam Balam”, a collection of books which tells about the history of the Maya civilization, her name appears as Ixchel, which means “rainbow woman”.

Ixchel was revered as the goddess of the moon, because of her feminine character. She represented the fertility linked to the earth, due to the fact that the cycles of the moon are those which determine the times of planting and harvest.