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Kali Handbag

Lalita Kali Corseting Handbag

Kali Handbag


With its distinctive corset shape and intrictae chains running across the front and back, the Lalita Kali handbag makes no apologies, day or night.

Kali is lined with a luscious dark purple suede interior and features a zipper closure and hand-stitched leather tassel on each side.  Stainless steel feet insure that even when placed on a table, she will make her presence known.

6-8 Weeks for Delivery


Kali is known as "The Black Goddess" of radical transformation which encompasses death, time, and doomsday.  She destroys old structures to make room for the new thereby giving you the opportunity to rebuild your life on your own terms — not based on what family, friends, or society have in mind.  She embodies shakti, feminine energy, creativity and fertility. Kali teaches us to face our fears, ask for what we want, honor our anger, and express our sexuality.

Kali can be reckless, wild, and angry. She’s disheveled and fearless. She dances with abandon while slaying demons. She’s dark with wild hair and gleaming eyes. You really don’t want to mess with Kali. She’s also erotic and sexual. She takes what she wants and enjoys it completely. Kali can help you get in touch with your sexuality and ask for what you want from your partner because she doesn’t try to hide or conform. She expresses herself freely with no shame. Kali offers unconditional love and encourages you not to play it safe. She wants to see you live to your fullest potential. 

Kali provides the energy we need to dissolve outworn structures, including our ego.  This clearing provides the space to rebuild in a way that better reflects your authentic self, spirit, and desires.