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Do real women have curves?

What is normal?This past June, a “curvier” Miss Indiana strutted down the runway of the Miss USA pageant.  While much could be said in general about the nature of beauty pageants, I’m going to refrain from commenting on this here.  What is most interesting is the attention she received as a curvier girl – and by curvier she is 5’8″ and a size 4.  For many women those dimensions would qualify as a dream size and weight, yet I am quite sure many who called her thicker do not come close to those dimensions themselves. It is fascinating that as a society any women baring their midriff in a public forum immediately become a source of discussion for not being skinny.  This in no ways means that all comments, tweets, blogs, are negative, it’s more to say that as a society we must find this noteworthy because we are barraged with so many images of VERY skinny women as opposed to a variety of images of women so that a broader range of shapes and sizes would be more “socially acceptable.”  I would love to reach a place in popular culture where a fuller spectrum of women could be seen as beautiful, sexy, and considered commercially viable to sell goods.  In that same world a plus sized model would be simply called a model. As a student of pole dancing for over ten years I have seen all shapes, sizes, races, ages, and demographics of women radiate such immense beauty.  The truth is that it is irrelevant how she looks on the outside as long as she loves what is inside.  Anyone can make you fall in love with what the world might consider an imperfection, but only if they love and embrace it themselves.

Yes, real women have curves, but many very real women also do not, and that doesn’t make one female form more innately beautiful or attractive than the other.  The perfect body is the body any woman unconditionally accepts, embraces, and loves as her very own.  That self love and acceptance creates a magnetism that forces us all to see the beauty found in all forms.

Lalita Waist Cinchers

Response to: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/11/no-miss-indiana-s-body-isn-t-normal.html

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