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Simple. Seductive. Elegant.

A few words from Lalita Founder & Creator, Rena Andrews 

Rena Andrews Lalita Founder and CreatorOn February 14, 2014, Lalita, Inc. was officially incorporated in California and while the exact date was unintentional, I founded Lalita with the intention of making seductively elegant pieces that could be worn throughout daily life.

Lalita was inspired by the beauty and simplicity found in a vintage garter clip and is reminiscent of a time when the slightest gust of wind could reveal just enough to excite the imagination.  I told that subtle seductive energy and applied it to the classics -  from tank tops, to jewelry and even martini picks. . .

I believe in detail, quality, and the importance of sensation. From buttery soft Italian lambskin leather to soft sterling silver tassels, every component has been curated to feel incredible against the skin.

I’ve been asked many times “Why in the world would you start with martini picks???” My response, “I created them to illustrate that any product can be made with a twist of seduction, just like any movement can be alluring and each and every part of the body can seduce, it's all about intention. We made the mundane, including packaging, very seductive. . .”

Lalita is meant to be a personal experience for the wearer.  For many Lalita women, each of the pieces, especially the HerCuffs, have a personal meaning - you could even call it their little Lalita secret that connects them to their own inner truth and beauty.  While each of us may have different definitions of what makes us feel beautiful, one thing for sure is that when we carry that feminine energy around with us in our daily lives, we feel more complete, we radiate, and we enjoy our journey and ourselves.

As a woman in this society it can be far too easy to disconnect from your innate sensuality in daily life.  Lalita represents going back to that essence, that strength, and integrating it into your being. You may be surprised how quickly tugging on the sterling HerCuff chain or stroking the soft leather on your wrist can connect you to the present.

She invites you to remember those times as a child when you could feel carefree and full of joy. When you jumped in puddles or stood up on swings simply to enjoy the freedom in going higher and higher. That child still lives in each of us and yearns to play and when you tap into her suddenly even the mundane can be joyful.

Life is all about perspective. So I invite you to see life through a playful and colorful lens and to integrate all sides of yourself as you walk through this world because the beauty and radiance you emit will seduce us all.

Thank you for visiting - now come play with us!
In love & Gratitude


Rena AndrewsAs a Brown graduate and entrepreneur, I spent years feeling as if I needed to separate my intellect and innate sensuality when I walked through the world. I felt that in corporate settings all signs leading to me being a "woman" needed to be masked in order to be taken seriously. I was a business owner by day and a woman by night. I even went so far as to not wear make-up and to dress down in certain scenarios in order to make other people feel more comfortable; I wanted to fit a mold I thought they wanted me to fill. What I came to realize is that once I tapped in to that abundant feminine strength, it easily integrated into my life. It is not something to be shut on and off, but is a natural and normal aspect of being human.

As I shed that untruth, I also realized that I was much better received standing in my power and truth than I ever was pretending it wasn’t there. I discovered that clients thought me no less qualified because I wore make-up, could be sexy, took pole classes, dated, or started a line with seductive undertones. My truth opened up dialogues and created a much closer bond than I ever could have imagined.

When we embrace and fully own all of who we are, we are in our power. And I'm not referring to the masculine concept we’ve all familiar with, but the equally powerful and distinctive feminine power that resides in all of us. For me, the accessories I create are daily reminders to own and love that feminine strength, beauty, and sensuality that all work together, seamlessly integrating into every facet of our life.