La • li • ta: Hindu Goddess of Bliss  “she who plays”

Bold. Elegant. Seductive.

Size inclusive styles, sustainable bamboo fabrics, and handmade products with impeccable attention to detail.

A few words from Lalita Founder & Creator, Rena Andrews 

On February 14, 2014, Lalita, Inc. was Rena Andrews Designerofficially incorporated in California and while the exact date was unintentional, I founded Lalita with the intention of making seductively elegant pieces that could be worn throughout daily life.

Lalita was inspired by the beauty and simplicity found in a vintage garter clip—an ordinary object connecting garments beneath our everyday uniform. Even something so seemingly insignificant could become bold by a revealing gust of wind or the shifting of a stance.

The transformation from the mundane into something alluring is done by bringing forth the subtle seductive energy via an attention to detail, quality, and sensation. All which are characteristics of each handmade Lalita piece.

The spirit of Lalita is in the personal experience and journey of each wearer. Just as the garter joins and secures two separate items of clothing into one, each Lalita piece is imbued with the intention to inspire the wearer to connect to the beauty of their own inner truth— whatever it may be. While the definition of what makes us feel beautiful varies to the individual, the energy generated from that feeling stirs us to radiate and enjoy life along our journey.

Lalita represents a return to the essence of our innate sensuality that is too often encouraged to be buried. Like the Goddess of play Lalita herself, allow your personal piece to invite you back to the carefree days of your childhood or recapture the zing of surprise from that first kiss.

Life is about perspective.

So I personally invite you to see life through a playful pair of colored lenses again and to embrace all sides of yourself as you walk through this world. Remember, the beauty and radiance you emit will seduce us all.

Thank you for visiting - now come play with us! 



Founder and Designer, Rena Andrews

Lalita encapsulates the core of everything founder and designer Rena Andrews has pursued in her life, whether it be a hobby, a career, or a creative pursuit. 

Rena delved into creative expression early on in her life through ballet, jazz dance, and the piano. Growing up with camera in-hand inspired her to study photography in Paris while abroad at the Sorbonne. While attending the prestigious Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Rena volunteered as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence in the local court system. An entrepreneur for most of her life, she recognized the need to develop a way to inspire women of all ages through education, exploration, and creative expression—which lead to the creation of Lalita.Rena Andrews Lalita

Although a fashion connoisseur, designer Rena Andrews is self-taught in design and jewelry making.  This lack of formal instruction in design “rules” allows Rena a freedom to design, combine, and innovate. “With Lalita there are no rules—I simply put together pieces that I find interesting and complementary regardless of their original function.  I also like to play with the concept of transformation; many of our pieces can transform from day to evening looks by the swapping a strap, the addition or removal of a tassel, or reversing sides of a cuff.  I don’t feel any object should be defined by one function or look. It is the subtle differences that can alter how we feel or what we radiate.”