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When We Play

After all Lalita is she who plays!  This is what happens when Miss Katy Bunny and I are left alone with Demi Lovado, a camera and loads of confidence :-p

A Confident Twist from Lalita on Vimeo.


Jewelry that makes you feel.

Shot and directed by Kristina Lloyd and featuring Lalita founder, Rena Andrews.

Lalita: She Who Plays from Lalita on Vimeo.

 This is what makes Lalita special!

This may have been one of our teasers for Kickstarter, but even after a successful campaign it's still relevant. Women in their own words saying what Lalita has meant to them. . . a quick peek into the Lalita Community!

Lalita: In her own words from Lalita on Vimeo.

What Makes you feel sexy?

Whether it's garters or kicking ass at the gym, what makes you feel beautiful and sexy?

For me, a lingerie obsession evolved into creating sensual inner and outer wear for women to feel beautiful and confident, day and night.

Lalita Accessories from Lalita on Vimeo.