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  • Our New Showroom in LA

    We are honored to be one of the select lines featured at The Residency, an exclusive invite-only fashion showroom curated by B. Akerlund, the world renown visionary behind Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, & Brittany Spears, to name a few. . . . The Residency LA was started to help independent and emerging designers gain visibility from their exclusive list of industry professionals.

Luxury Accessories with a Seductive Twist

La · li · ta: Hindu Goddess of Bliss, "She who plays"

Simple, Seductive, Elegant

Each piece is made with material specially curated to evoke the most delectable sensations on the skin. From out supple Italian leather, sterling silver tassels, and eco-friendly bamboo fabric...let Lalita ignite your senses.

Made with love and intention in Los Angeles

Accessories meet Empowerment

Lalita is about owning every aspect of you: your beautiful curves, your sensuality, your innate sexuality, your incredible mind, your powerful voice, and your unique expression that makes you -- you.  

We are about owning all of you, proudly, beautifully, and elegantly
 without asking for permission to express it. 

Beauty from the Inside Out

Join the Lalita tribe of women and men who feel beautiful, confident, and present as they walk through the world.

Discover why women and men describe wearing Lalita as their public/private experience because it is much more about your own enjoyment than pleasing the rest of the world.  

Each of our handcrafted pieces is intended to be a token of your own self-expression.


Am in love with these [Corset Boyshorts]!   Besides being super sexy, these are soft and comfy, too. The side details are really well-crafted and they just look great overall. Don't buy too big as they have a fair amount of stretch to them, which helps them stay put, too.

so unique!  Love everything about this [HerCuff] bracelet. The leather is buttery soft and comfortable. The bracelet itself is just the right mix of edgy and sophisticated. Definitely a conversation piece!

looove it! This [HerCuff] bracelet is everything! I just love it. The leather is super soft and the double bracelet feature adds just enough that it's the only thing you need to wear on your wrist.

Lalita customer service support is top of the line. My simple inquiry after my purchase was responded to promptly and to my satisfaction.

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great ordering experience and a wonderful product! I received my order today (super speedy!) and everything fits perfect and feels and looks great! You have been an amazing help throughout the process and I appreciate the discount as well. I will be posting my Lalita pic to Instagram soon =)

L O V E the [corset] shorts!  They came just in time!  I rented my pole studio n danced for hubby's bday, Valentines's Day!

Cuff me now!  This [Her]cuff is bold but feminine in detail.  I love the garter clasps and soft leather.  Fits my wrist perfectly.  It adds a sweet discreet play to an everyday outfit without being too bondage heavy.  Lots of compliments!