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HerCuff SmileWhat does sexy mean to you? And FYI I’m not necessarily referring to lingerie and high heels, I mean don’t get me wrong, both of those are amazing, but they are not for every woman.  To me, feeling sexy means to be in my power, my feminine strength, and in my radiance.

When do you feel beautiful and magnetic? Is it in the boardroom, the bedroom or driving down the PCH in a convertible?  Do you feel your best in a corset and short skirt or after kicking ass in Soul Cycle?

I founded Lalita with the intention of making seduction upscale, elegant and accessible in daily life.  As women we are very powerful when we tap into our feminine nature and our sensuality and for each and every one of us it is different, yet equally relevant.

As I explored my own interpretation of sexy, I also channeled my self-confidence, self-awareness and strength.  I learned what made me feel good and how to carry that energy throughout my daily life.  After nearly ten years of pole and feminine movement classes at Sheila Kelley S Factor, I’ve also had the privilege of seeing other women experience that same liberation and joy; Lalita was inspired through watching women find their own voice by tapping into their innate feminine power and expressing it through music, movement, clothing and accessories.

HerCuff Cuff LS3 BLKLalita accessories are tokens of our essence, gorgeous pieces to glance down upon when we may not be feeling so sexy or powerful or beautiful and they can instantly remind us to love ourselves, our body, and what makes us uniquely ourselves. I spent years working in an environment where I felt I had to hide my innate sensuality and now, when I glance down at my Lalita HerCuff, no matter the setting, it reminds me to own all of me, even if it is my little secret.  I no longer feel the need to compartmentalize these parts of myself, but I realized how beautifully they all integrate once I allowed it.

We want to hear how you define sexy and what makes you feel that way?

~Rena Andrews, Lalita Creator


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